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Jobs, Placement and Recruitment Services

Varahii Consultancy & Management Services Pvt Ltd was formed as a placement agency 15 years ago.During the span of all these working years,we have developed ourself into a diversified company offering many services under one roof.Recruitment and Placement still is an integral part of our business development.

We provide one time recruitment, temporary recruitment, permanent recruitment, contractual recruitment and corporate training to employees of any company.Our service charges varies with the type of recruitmernt services needed by any client organisation.We are one of the best placement agency in Mumbai City.


Recruitment Types

One Time or Permanent staffing solutions is one of the first placement services which we offer.The service charges applicable to the client organisation is 8.33% of the annual CTC to the selected employees.We provide you free placement in case the candidate leaves your organization within 3 months from joining.

Second option available for placements is contractual staffing.We supply skilled or semi skilled manpower as per the requirement of the client organization time to time.In contract staffing, we take care about the salaries and other formalities of the entire manpower against a fixed monthly fees from th client organization.


Permanent Staffing

While taking the permanent staffing in hands,we take an official demand order from the employee; clearly mentioned about the type of experience and other details like educational qualification and salary offered from the client organization.We conduct the initial screening and interview process and then finalize the candidates for final interview at clients office.

We have the best in industry HR Recruiters who makes our company the best and top placement agency in Mumbai City.We follow strict rules to be followed to match the criterias mentioned by the client organization while selecting any candidates for the final round of interviews.Its in our best practice to supply high quality and experienced staff to every client of ours.


Contract Recruitment

Contractual recruitments are done for the clients having seasonal or short term requirements.Clients like manufacturing units, data entry jobs and garment industry needs manpower for only 3 to 6 months in a year as per the seasons.We deal on monthly service charges agaisnt the total number of staff we provide.

Contractual staffing is done mainly for skilled, unskilled and semi skilled manpower.We take care about the entire process of manpower management in contractual staffing along with the salary and payroll management as well.For out station clients we have vendors in many cities who helps us to take care of our clients need for such contractual staffing solutions.


3rd Party Payroll

Varahii Consultancy and Management Services Pvt Ltd handles 3rd party payroll for various client organizations.Under this cintract we take care about the employee PF & ESIC along with the employee insurance and death covers.3rd party payroll management services are suitable for organizations having 1000 and above employees.

Security companies,Banking organization, Call Centres, Hotel Chain, Tours and travels operators are few examples of companies who takes interest in assigning 3rd party payroll solutions to our firm.Since we are a Mumbai based company, we prefer to offer these services to companies having head office in Mumbai City only.


Training Services

We offer various corporate training services and many inhouse training courses for a better employee performance.We train your manpower which in turn increases your company's productivity adding into your monthly profits.We enhance skills of your staff and we train them for time management with effective results in their responsibilities.

Time to time corporate training sessions are important for your company.It not only boost the self confidence of your entire staff but it also adds up into their motivation and dedication towards their work and job responsibilities.We also conduct stress management sessions for the niddle and top management.Musical stress management is also available for the management.


Knowledge Compliance

Knowledge compliance is necessary.Untill and unless you do the knowledge compliance of your staff, you can never understand their level of expertise for the said positions they are working for your company.We specialize in knowledge compliance in many type of industries.Top is corporates and banks.

A proper knowledge compliance can lead you towards a better training program.Once Knowledge compliance is done, you can restructure your manpower hierarchy or select a better training program for the entire staff.Knowledge compliance enhances the manpower performances and it helps you assign proper job roles to the employee based on his / her expertise.

Placement Consultancy by Varahii

Varahii Consultancy and Management services pvt ltd is one of the best placement companies working in Mumbai City.We offer the best manpower with the most economical charges.Whether it is a permanent recruitment, Contractual recruitment or 3rd party payroll, we excel in all kind of recruitment and placement solutions.

We have the best HR Recruiters working with us since a very long time and our expert recruitment consultant helps you resolve any kind of manpower related problems in the shortest duraiton of time.

Varahii provides provide permanent staffing solutions to various companies in India.The industries we cater are Hotel Industry,Tourism Industry,Aviaiton and Airlines Industry and Call Centres.

We charge 8.33% on the annual CTC of the employee.The service charge is payable by the client organizaiton.3 months replacement guarantee is available incase the employee leaves in 3 months period.

Temporary staffing solutions are suitable for the companies who needs any skilled,semi skilled and unskilled manpower for short durations like 3 to 6 months tie period.

Manufacturing units, Security companies, Bnaks and Financial Institutions, Hotels and tourism industry are few examples of the clients who takes interest in temporary staffing solutions.

Third Party Payroll Management Services are available for companies having huge manpower like more than 1000 employees.It becomes little tough for the company to manage the payroll inhouse.

Varahii Consultancy & Management Services Private Limited takes care of the payroll services, PF, ESIC and other employee insurance related services for the client organization under third party payroll services.

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