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Industrial and Agricultural Machinery

Varahii Consultancy helps you source the best machine manufacturers in India depending on your requirement.We also Manufacture Iron and Plastic Machines for few customized requirement of our clients.Our production is under Micro Marketing of Rajkot City with a brand name as "Kasturi'".We specialize in Iron and Plastic Products Machine Manufacturing.

We cover industries like Bottling and Packaging,Industrial Lathes and Power presses,CNC Machines,Laser Machines,Water Jet Cutting Machines,Sheet Layer Machines,Food Processing and Food Packaging Machines,Dairy Product Machines,Purie Machines,Powder Making machines etc.There are more than 2500 types of plants which we can establish for our clients.



There are mainly 3 types of machines manufacturing options available with Varahii.The first one falls under the category of customized machines.The second option is about 3rd party manufacturer reccomended by Varahii.The third and final category is Used Machines from any shut down plant.The choice is of our buyers.

The customization is needed when a client wants to go off the track of some tradiitonal manufacturing of goods process.Third party manufacturer is needed for fast and time saving reasons.Used machines choice is done for cost cutting by maintenance of old machines and making them operaitonal and running.



We cover three major industries.First is iron products industry.Second one is plastic products industry.Third is agro based food industry.We master all these categories.Iron Industry covers power presses and heavy lathes.Also CNC and Laser machines.Plastic industry covers all types of bottling and packaging units.Including plastic sheets manufacturing machines.

The third category is most important and evergreen industry.We are talking about Agro Based Food products.These products have a vast range of end users from eatable to pharmacy.Agro based and Organic Food Industry is on the top of its demand in current times.We have a very deep knowledge and experience in Agro Based Industry at many levels and domains.


Iron Industry

Power Presses,Lathe Machines,Cutting Machines,Packaging Material making Machines,Heavy Duty Iron Machines,CNCs,Laser cutting machines,Water jet cutting machines and many more falls under our category of Iron Industry Products Machine Manufacturing.We have skills and required experience to suggest and guide you about how to start any kind of Iron Based production.

Our list of clients spreads in 7 to 8 states of India and we are determind to cover all Indian States for supply of our machines.There are a lot of consultants and business owners who helps us get new clients every week from different part of the country.


Plastic Industry

Though we build any type of Plastic Product Manufacturing Machine,but our personal interest is in proposing to start bottling and packaged water bottles manufacturing unit.Due to its huge demand and increasing needs of pure water, it is one of the most profitable business in India.We provide consulting and technical support to all our clients who wants to start any bottling plant.

Our major focus is on Dring Water Packaging Units establishments.Water industry is on top list of profit making.We not only provide machines for Drinking Water Packaging Units,but also provide other allied services like Manpower Management,Supply chain management and also sales and marketing for the same.


Food Industry

Food industry is taking a new shape in India with increasing demand of Packed food products.Especially agro based and organic food products are in huge demand not only in India but in other foreign countries.We have a long list of food items processing and packaging machines.We help our client for getting the machines and starting the production as well as taking up the sales job for the packaged food items.

Packaged food doesnt mean only the eatables.But there are other packaged foods like in Powder format or purie format.We help many farmers in India to establish a supplementary business to their farm produce.Powder form of many agriculture produce is in huge demand by various pharmacy companies.Also organic products are getting on top list of high in demand food products.


Errection and Commissioning

Plant construction and Errection services are available for any client from Varahii, whether they purchase machines from our company or any other company.We provide you with required skilled manpower on contract basis.We take up the job based on the type of machines and location of your unit.We have many technical and non technical people who are willing to work on short term contracts for such services.

Varahii also takes up annual maintenance contracts to take care of smooth working and functioning of your Manufacturing Units.We also provide manpower and staffing solutions to manufacturing units.Production staff and other technical staff is available in various options.For more details kindly visit our manpower management information page.

Machine Manufacturing by Varahii

We specialize mainly in 3 types of machines manufacturing; namely, Iron Industry,Plastic Industry and Food Industry.We provide precise manchines with high accuracy in production.The quality of the machines provided by Varahii is always the best in industry.

Apart from supply of machines, we also deal with the supply of skilled manpower of these machines.We take annual maintenance contracts and Marketing and sales contracts also for the manufacturing units we supply our machines to.

Heavy Lathes and Power Presses,CNCs,Jewellery Manufacturing and many more falls under this category.We provide you the best in quality and most economical machines for your production unit.

We specialize in MS ans SS of all high quality categories to manufacture and customize machines for our clients.Our commitment is on time delivery with the best quality.

Plastic Bottle manufacturing Plants,Packaged drinking water bottle plants and large water storage plastic tanks plant are few of the examples of our Plastic Industry Manufacturing Machines.We are experts in Water based businesses.We always reccemmend Packaged Drinking Water Bottling Plants.

We have more than 12 years experience dealing in plastic related products and machines.Plastic products have a very large number of items in industrial and domestic use categories.

Agricultural Based Foods production is finding its way towards the top of the list of packaging and production.We specialize in identifying and establishing Agro Based and Organic Food Proccessing and packing.

We not only provide machines for such clients but we also provide sales and marketing solutions to their Agro Based Production Units.

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