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Marketing and Sales Consultancy Services

Varahii Consultancy & Management Services Pvt Ltd offers you best in industry and India's Top Marketing Services Consultancy.We help small businesses grow big and we make existing businesses expand exponentially.We use all our sources from Digital Marketing to Physical Marketing in the field for achieving our goals.

We have Dealers and Distributors across India,Online Marketing services,End Users Database and Franchisees.We use the entire network across India to develop our clients business.We undertake Brand Building assignments and help our clients brand get visibility acorss all the states and cities of India.


Online Marketing

Internet marketing is on boom in current period.We are India's best and India's Top Online Marketing Agency.We help you about How to increase Online traffic and Online visitors for your website? We have a team of Digital Marketing Engineers working round the clock to achieve maximum traffic to your website in minimum number of days.

Our team of Digital Marketing Engineers also makes you learn about How to run PPC Campaign on Google and Facebook ? Varahii Infotech is our sister concern who takes care about everything you want to have for your Digital Marketing Campaigns and Services.Right from building a website and Bringing millions of traffic and visitors to your website, everything is covered under one roof.


Dealers and Distributors

In the past 15 years of existence, Varahii had developed hundreds of dealers and distributors working in India in various States and Cities.The dealers ad distributors in our network varies and exists in almost in every category of products.It can be Electronics Items,Food Items,FMCG or anything under Manufacturing category in India

We shortlist the dealers and distributors for your products for increase in business and sales volume based on their last 3 years track record and their reach in local markets.We also take in cosideration about their existing customer base and and the end users personal reviews about the products they are currently selling.


End User - Direct Customers

We create platforms for our clients to sell their products to the direct users or end users.We achieve this target by creating various Online and Offline activities,events and promotions.We are India's best and one of the top agency working in the field of Online marketing.

We also have many groups working across the country for sales and promotions of products in the end user market place.It can be affiliate marketing,Network marketing or product distribution chain.There are thousands of freelancers working for sales and marketing of various products independently with the help of Varahii.


Brand Building

What is Branding? This question has been on every new entrpreneurs mind.We help your comapny to get a corporate identity and we help you in brand positioning.We are India's best Brand Strategists and we help you How to give brand architecture to your website branding.We create Brand Logo and also we promote your brands across multiple channels.

Varahii is one of the top Brand Building Agency in India.We achieve this with various type of actions.We handle Marketing and PR for our clients.We give client brand an extra edge through online branding colutions.We manage Brand Launching events and Brand Promotion events across India.Our brand Building solutions and unique in nature and result oriented.We handle Printing and Advertisement jobs also for our clients.


Franchisee Business

Varahii offers various Franchisee Business Opportunities to budding entrepreneurs in India.Our Franchisee Business Ideas covers Home Based Franchisee Business,Online Franchisee Business,Internet based Franchisee business and netwrok based Franchisee business.We increase business and sales volume of our client through various franchisee options in India.

Varahii teaches the startup companies about How to start a business franchisee ? We also help many new and upcoming business about How to start and establish as a franshisee.We covers almost all business like Online Franchisee,Food Industry Franchisee,Product Based Franchisee and Service Based Franchisee Business in India.


Contract Based Marketing

There are few products where Varahii Consultancy and Management services take the Marketing and Sales job as a contractual assignment.The categories where we deal as a contract based Marketing Agency includes Self Contract, Second Party Contract and Barter System contract.We utilize the network of independent marketing executives working for our company to achieve this target.

In self contracts we are the direct purchasers to the manufacturers or the services providers.And we sell their products with our marketing fees included in the MRPs.In second party contracts we are working as mediators and the second party work as a direct seller for our clients.In barter system trading and marketing, we arrage and manage the entire barter system for products or services offered by our clients in India.

Marketing Consultancy by Varahii

Varahii is one the Best Marketing Agency In India.We are the top marketing company in India having a diversified network of markeeters working under our contract.We have Best Online Marketing Strategies and

Varahii Marketing Consultancy Services offers you best solutions for your website marketing solutions for various products.We are one of the best web marketing company in India.

Varahii handles online marketing for clients with the help of various techniques like SEO,Digital Marketing,Online Marketing and Online ADs through PPC on Google and Facebook.

Online internet marketing is the best and the only option available in todays era to reach to the mass and bulk customers across country.Varahii helps you design online marketing campaigns in the minimum cost involvement.

Dealers and Distributors network is a backbone for success of your product delivery and sales system across multiple states in India.Varahii develops and manages your dealers and distributors network on PAN India basis for increasing the sales volume of your products.

The goal is achieved with the help of our experienced marketing gurus and ex-marketing heads, now working with Varahii as Expert Marketing Consultants.

Your company is nothing with a Corporate Brand.It is highly necessary for you to establish your brand as a Corporate Identity and build trust among your prospective customers.Brand image is a key factor for the growth of any business.

Varahii Consultancy & Management Services Private Limited ensures that your brand gets a proper visibility and value in corporate world and help you expand your business.

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