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Franchise Business Opportunities

Franchise Business is one of the best and proven idea of starting a business.All you need is to understand is Which Franchise Business business is the best for you? Varahii helps you identify various Franchise Business in current market and helps you get in touch with the Franchise Business Owners for business tie-ups.

We provide consultancy services to both Franchise Business and Franchisee owners.To own a business franchisee, you should be experienced about the products which Franchise Business is selling in the market.Without proper knowledge you can not run any franchisee.We help you by training and consulting about How to run a successfull franchisee business and also How to start a Franchise Business?


Franchise Category

Franchise Business covers almost 80% of the available business and products in todays times.It cna be a product based Franchisee Model or a service based Franchisee model.You can make a choice as per your interest and your experience.We help you to identify,establish and run a franchisee business.

The categories majorly proven successfull in recent years includes educational franchise,service industry franchise,food industry franchise,garment manufacturing and selling and medical industry franchise.A franchisee is an easy way out for budding entrepreneurs.It saves a lot of time behind brand building.



Franchise Business comes with multiple investment opportunities.Starting as low as Rs. 1 Lac to ranging over Rs. 10 Crore, we have a lot of Franchise Business opportunities in India.You can make up your budget and let us know your interest in any field.We help you source,identify,establish and run the franchise business as per your capacity - interms of money and manpower both.

We have an extensive database of Franchise Business and franchisee startup prospectives.Our main job is to connect the both business owners and make them negotiate at certain terms and condition to start working in Franchise Business Model.Our services are available for Franchise Business owners as well as Franchisee Business Seekers.



Varahii Consultancy & Management Services Pvt Ltd is a Mumbai based consultancy firm dealing into Franchise Business.So our major cient base comes from the State of Maharashtra.However, we have a large network of consultants working for us from many other states of India.We can reach across any state to successfully establish you Franchise Business.

No only Franchise Business Owners databse but we also have a long list of Franchisee Business Startup Planners.We connect the right Franchise Business to the right Franchisee.Once the Franchisor and Franchisee meets up and agrees on mutual terms, we start our guidence and business development for both the parties.


Educational Franchise

Education Franchise Business is one of the best and one of the most successfull Franchise Business in current time in India.There is a lot of scope and lot of opportunities in the field of Education Business.Right from Schools and Colleges to Private educaitonal institutes, there are a thousand options available for a Franchise Business in India.

We provide Franchise Business options from School and colleges, Private educational institutes,Coaching institutes,Government Jobs entrance exams coaching institutes,IIT - JEE and MBBS Admissions entrance test preparation institutes and other IT and Non IT Related training institutes.We have PAN India options available for Franchise Business to start.


Food Industry

Food Industry is one of the hot selling Franchise Business in India.Indians are Foodies.We love different food and we like to go out and eat.Franchise Business in restaurant and hotel industry is a best opportunity for a Franchise Business.We already have a vast experience of establishing Food Franchise Business.

We deal with cooked and semi cooked food business, Restaurants,Hotels,Processed Food Companies and also raw and non - perishable Food packaging companies.Our area of business establishment for food related items is all Over India.We provide A TO Z services to any Franchise Business willing to establish a PAN India chain.


Business Services

Franchise Business for Business services includes Recruitment Agencies,Tax Conaulting Agencies,Payroll Management companies,Teelcalling Industry,Marketing agencies,IT Companies,BPOs and many more.Every business needs a third party out sourcing for atleast one service on an average.We identify and suggest such services Franchise Business to our clients.

We help our clients to start a National Franchise Business for any domain they are working.This is achieved with the help of our consultants working all over India and in various different categories of business.We connect the right opportunity to the right opportunity seeker.Our consulting also includes creating Franchise Business from a single business location and take it to a national level.

Franchise Business by Varahii

If you are a Franchise Business owner we can help you increase your Franchisee chain.If you are a Franchisee Owner, we help you grow your business in your locaiton or city.Varahii masters the skills of developing a Franchise Business like no other company can do.We work on ground basis and analysis each and every aspect of any Franchise Business opportunity before presenting it to our client.

Our research and survey reports are always on priority before suggesting any business opportunity to any new Startup.So even when we deal with any Franchise Business, we keep a genuine track of the current market statistics.

Franchise Business comes with investments minimum starting from Rs.1 Lac to maximum Rs.10 Crores and above.You can choose any business as per your budget and experience.

We provide financial helps through bank loans and other channels to our clients to startup any new company or any Franchise Business.You can read more about funding in our fund related segment from the menu.

We identify best locations for your Franchise Business.We also discover virgin areas where your brand / product can get maximum sales and revenue.Choosing a right location for Franchise Business is very important part to start a business.

Sometimes in big cities we have to operate with multiple locations within same city.We handle Franchise Business consultancy within prescribed miles of same city for working for same Franchise Business.

There are mostly 2 types of Franchise Business in existence.COCO and COFO; Company Owned & Company Operated and Company Owned and Franchisee Operated.We work with both modals.

Both modals have their own pros and cons.We offer all the options and possibilities and final decision & choice is of our client.Once finalized our job starts as per COCO or COFO Modal.

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