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Business Finance and Funding Solutions

Finance or Funding is the most required aspect of any startup venture.We provide business loan and funding solutions to various startup companies in India.We have India's Top and Best in Industry Chartered Accountants to assist you with the process of getting funds for your business through Venture Capitalists.

With the help of our experienced chartered Accountants, we are in contact with the top of the Venture Capitalists, Seed Funding Companies and Crowd Funding Companies in India and Abroad.We also have global companies who are willing to invest in Indian startups and new ventures with innovcative ideas.


Bank Finance

Banks and NBFCs provides loan to any Business Venture, provided you have proper documentation and a valid property for mortgage.However, there are some exceptions which falls under the category of Loan Without Collatoral.We help you to make Bankable project report and also make sure that you get the proper loan as per your business plan.

Our expert Financial consultants who had worked for various types of Banks in India will understand your case first and then make a perfect Bankable Project Report and also do the representation for your Business Entity to the Bank Manager.So that the Business Loan gets sanctioned in the shortest period of time with maximum value.


Angel Investors

Many Angel Investor, Venture Capitalists and Seed funding companies are interested to invest in Indian Startups in recent years.We have many private finance companies who are ready to help the startup companies having a unique or innovative business idea.Our panel of experts screen and evaluate each and every proposal and then finally zeroes on the best option.

Once we take up assignment to get funds for your project, we start working dedicately and exclusively for the successfull funding for your business venture.We have the best and the top angel investors in India within our network who are interested to invest in any Indian Startup Business venture having some innovative business idea.


Project Finance

Varahii Consultancy & Management Services Pvt Ltd helps you get Project loans or Project Finance through various channels.We have India's top Financers and Angel investors ready and willing to fund in good projects with best ROI.Mostly we help Online E-Commerce Startups, Mnaufacturing Units and Agro Based companies in India.

The funds which we arrange comes through a group of angel investors and financers who have a vision of forthcoming industrial traits and they all are geared to make profits in partnership with the startup companies.Once we take any case, we provide start to end services and ensures to arrange funds in the shortest duration of time.


Online Startup Funds

Top venture capitalists,seed funding companies,crowd funding companies and angel investors are constantly looking for various Online Business Ventures or Online E-Commerce Business Companies for providing or investing funds.Online marketplace is a boom and all investors wants to have a share in that.

Our experts have studied the Indian Online Buyers' behaviour in past few years and concluded that the most successfull Online Ventures in coming years would be Educational Portals, Ayurvedic Industry and Agro Based Products selling companies.We have experts for all of these and we can help you start a company with maximum returns on your investments.


Manufacturing Unit Funding

The second most sought after startup for investing or funding is the Manufacturing Companies.Most of the angel investors and financers are interested to invest in companies who are manufacturing some essential and daily use items.The agro based products such as Organic and Herbal products tops the list of Investors.

Patented innovative products also attracts much interest from various angel investors and seed funding companies.We suggest our clients to go for patented products,because of the uniqueness and exclusivity of the product.The list includes products from research and development, agro based or scientific.We have a long list of such ideas for sharing.


E-Learning Funding

India is most populated country as compared to other neighbouring countries,hence education business is always on top in the country as compared to the other business ideas.Our angel investors and financers are always looking out for unique E-Learning portals and startup companies.They are willing to oour in Millions of Dollars in E-Learning companies.We have already established one such E-learning portal from 100 visitors monthly to 1.5 lac Visitors PM within 6 months.

E-Learning ventures can be from any areas like schools, colleges, coaching institutes and skills development domain.India needs a huge manpower to work for various industries and the only way to train and develop skills is Online medium through Internet.E-Learning startups have such potential to train people on large scale and hence make good business profits.

Project Funding by Varahii

Varahii is one of the top and best consultancy firm to arrange for Angel Investors and Seed Funding companies to help you nourish your business.Our experienced CAs can guide you through the entire process of getting funds from various investors in markett and also represent your company to the top investors.

Getting funding for your startup can consume a lot of time,enery and money for you.Varahii can ease your pain by taking your case in hand and help you out in the shortest duration of time.

Angel Investors and Seed funding companies in India are always hunting for innovative and unique business startups.We work in two way process to help both the parties meet and help each other.

Our list of investors include top companies in India and Abroad willing to invest in a profit making business startup and the funding available is in the form of equity sharing or partnership basis,depending on type of project.

Banks in India provides financial help only with two options - Loan Against property or Business Loan without collatoral.Both the cases varies in nature and also the type of Bank.Currently there are many National,Internaitonal and Co-Operative banks woring in India who are providing Business Loans to startup companies.

The experts from Varahii assist you in making a proper bankable project report and submit it to the authorized person of the bank and get the things done in the short span of time. Contact us for more details..

Private Finance is one type of Investors Funds.We have a group of people who are willing to fund startup companies as a sleeping partner.The working partner can share the profits on mutually understandable profit sharing ratio and include some exit clause at the end of 1,2,3,5 or 10 years.

Varahii Consultancy & Management Services Private Limited ensures that you get a deccent financer who can help you come out of your financial pressure and only concentrate on the growth of your startup without hampering much in your business operations and decisions.

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