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Digital Marketing Services

Varahii Consultancy & Management Services Pvt Ltd has an expert team of ONline Coders and Programmers to handle your Digital Marketing Strategies to enhace your business and increase your sales volume.Varahii is one of the best digital marketing agency.We provide digital advertising,digital media services,digital brand building and digital marketing and sales services.

Once we take up the contract for Digital Marketing and Digital Brand building, we make it sure that we should deliver the results within 60 to 90 days of the start of the contract.We work as a creative advertising company on digital media.We understand the digital marketing trends like no other comapnys can think.


Online Marketing

Varahii is one of the best Online Advertising Company working dedicatedly and exclusively for her clients.Right from teaching you What is Online Advertising ? to generate leads through Internet based marketing programs, Varahii works in associaiton with your company.We assign dedicated team to take of your Online Brand Building and traffic generating strategies.

Our team of Digital Marketing Engineers also makes you learn about How to generate leads through content writing.We also undertake job work of creating content for your website with the help of our experienced content writers.We deal in Local Online advertising and National Online marketing.We master in Free Online Advertising as well as Paid Online ADs like PPCs on Google and Facebook.


Search Engine Optimization

In today time it is necessary for each and every business to have a Top Google Search listing to beat the competitors.We understand very well about How to rank on top of the list in Google Searches? Every website owners wishes to Rank High in Google Searches.We help you achieve this dream with a proper Step By Step Guide to Google Ranking.

Varahii has a team of experienced Search Engine Optimizers working dedicatedly for every client to rank high in any search engine.Higher rank leads to increase in visitors and hence increase in sales volumes.Ranking in top searches is a dramatic boost to your company in terms of increasing sales volumes.


Google Ranking

We create optimized websites for your High Google Rankings and top listings in any of the online search engines like Yahoo or Bing.Google rank comes with a extensive and exhaustive research and development for any website.We create websites in such a way that you do not need to restructure your web identity again for seach engines.

Recently Google had been very stricvt regarding the websites which are less user friendly and less in content.We know How to design a content rich and Google Crawlable website for our clients.You might wonder why some website doesnt attract any visitor while his competitor is having millions of visitors every month? The secret lies in the content and structure of your website.


Facebook Marketing

Ever wondered How Facebook Paid Pages shows up suddenly on your Facebook wall and 80% of the times they shows you the ADs about your needs ? Welcome to Facebook Marketing ! Facebook was started as a community website but lately it turned out to be a giant online medium to connect with international group of people.Facebook ADs revenue runs in billions of dollars every month.

Varahii helps you create Facebook Business Pages and Facebook Free Advertising and Facebook Paid Advertising through PPCs.We generate creative ideas for Facebook Likes and Shares and develop content for instant viral effects.We deal with both - Free and Paid ADs on Facebook.We also create animations and videos for Facebook Advertisements.


Content Writing

Content of the website is the key factor for Google and other Search engines to decide the authenticity of your brand and your company.Content decides for search engines to decide about your rankings in any search terms or keywords.We do content writing on one time contract basis for any client who wants us to do the website & traffic building job.

Varahii has a long list of content writers from diversified fields from all over India.We provide you with the latest and fresh content on any subject to be displayed on your company website and hence generating you thousands of visitors increasing every month to your website.This is achieved with the help of writing good non-copied content and hence ranking high on any search engine.


E-Mail & SMS Marketing

Many clients still ask us - What is an e-mail marketing campaign ? or What is a SMS marketing campaign? E-Mail and SMS Marketing Campaigns are the most effecient medium to connect with your direct customers.Whether an existing customer or a propective customer - Email & SMS are the fastest and most cost friendly medium.

Email Marketing and SMS marketing consists of 2 categories,Namely - Existing Customers follow up and Generating new customers.Varahii Consultancy provides you best email marketing softwares and best mailing services with the help of her vendors spread across India.We also provide SMS Services to DND and Non DND numbers as well through our service providing vendors.

Digital Marketing by Varahii

Varahii provides Best Digital Marketing Solutions In India.We are the top marketing company in India dealing with Google ADs, Facebook ADs, Google Ranking and Online Traffic generating tools for your company website.We achieve this with the help of strong content writing skills and E-Mail and SMS campaigns.

Varahii Consultancy Services is backed with the strong and experienced content marketeers and very experienced Online Digital Marketing experts having a tremendous experience in this field.We can increase your current traffic and visitors by 500% within 60 to 90 days.

We expertise and specialise in traffic building to your comapny website.Our systematic Step By Step Approach towards building traffic to your website comes with a foolproof action plan.We generate leads for your business through free traffic generated every month to your website.

Our team of online marketeers bring thousands of prospective leads every month to your website and hence gives your brand a very large scale and national and internaitonal visibility.

Google Ranking is necessary.So is the top listing on Google searches.We know better about How to Rank high in Google search pages.We guarantee you Google top listing for your chosen keyword within 60 to 90 days, with a 100% money back guarantee.

The goal is achieved with the help of our experienced online marketing team.With their deep knowledge about the current search trends and google search crawl nature, we lead the industry for High Ranks in Google Searches.

E-Mail and SMS are the most convinient and most cost effective ways to connect to your existing or prospective customers.Not only it saves lots of money but also it saves you lots of enery and time.We conduct e-mail and SMS campaigns with a minimum fees at par with the industry.

We also help you create database and advertise through E-Mail and SMS with or without having a website for your current product or services.

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