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Aircraft Sales,Lease And Purchase

Indian Business Charters Pvt Ltd is a sister concern of Varahii, dealing with Aircraft Sales,Lease,Purchase and Air Ambulance.We offer you various Aircrafts ranging from Fixed Wing Jet Aircrafts to Rotary blade Twin Engine /Single Engine Helicopters.Our company is based in Mumbai City,India.

We provide wet lease and dry lease both.Bulk hours booking is also open for our regular partners.We cover Mumbai Airport and Delhi Airport on regular basis for Domestic private flying experience or International Flight plans.Huj bookings and other spiritual and tourism trips are happening round the year.


Aviation Consultancy

Varahii arranges various liasioning services for obtaining National and International permissions and documentations to start any Aviation Business Services or any Flight Training schools for Pilots in India.We also take care about your business on turn key basis - start to end all services.

Our expert panel of consultants designs the DPR with important topics covered such as How to start a Airlines ? and How to start a Flight Training / Aircraft Pilot Training schools in India.Apart from establishment of new startups, we also help the existing clients to develope their business.


Airport Construction

Civil Engineering works for Airports and private helipads needs a long term planning and a perfect execution.Varahii helps you to plan and execute the various Airport related construction works such as Runway Construction,Helipad Construction and Administrative Building Construction.

We engage the best Civil engineers in the country to execute the Airport Construciton or Helipad Construction works across India.The Airport runway work is the most sofisticated civil engineering work happening in country now.Without proper guidence and planning,one cannot accomplish the desired result.


Manpower Management & Recruitment

Varahii trains and recruite various Gorund Staff and Airhostess candidates round the year to various schedules and non-scheduled airlines working in India.The recruitment is done through a channel of network partners working as training specialists and recruiters in various cities of India.

Airhostess Jobs,Pilot Jobs and Ground Staff Jobs are considered to be of hight reputation and tough to get in india.We help many jobseekers and job aspirants in How to get an Airhostess Job ? and How to become a pilot ? Varahii conducts personal interviews and then only provide training to the best suitable candidates for these positions.


Airhostess and Pilot Training

Airhostess training is conducted in our own premises based in Mumbai and in other cities we have channel partners to deliver the Airhostess Training services.However, for Pilot training course, we have national and international tie-up with various training providers.

Hostel facilities are provided while training for the students coming from out of station for Airhostess Training or Pilot Training Course.The fees and charges are very nominal and are always at par with the industry standard.The quality of our training is upto the mark and best in India.


Ground Handling Services

We handle Ground Operations and provide our clients with Ground Handling Services like Ground Staff, Ground Handling Equipment Supply and Passenger Handling.We also take care about the documents and permissions for flying and taking off for any kind of private Aircraft in India.

We are based in Mumbai, but through our network partners we can provide you Ground Handling services in any part of India and at any Airport.The charges varies from type to type of aircrafts and also depends upon the number of passengers.We take care about the local transport and pick & drop facilities.


Special Services

Special services like educational tourism, spiritual tourism, general tourism and medical transportation are a part of our Aviation Consultancy Services wing.We provide private jets and helicopters depending on the number of passengers and the distance to be covered.We operate mostly in India.

For International private flights like Huj or any other Business flights for VIPs and VVIPS we have to be notified one month in advance so that the internaitional permissions and licenses can be obtained in time for a smooth flying experience.The liasioning part will be included in the total fees to the client.

Aviation Consultancy by Varahii

One of the best aviation consulting firms in India.We provide you total consultancy services related to any type of Airlines or Aviation business.Right from starting a Airlines company to establishing as a top business in the country,we have all solutions for you under one roof.

Varahii Aviation Consultancy Services offers you best solutions for your aviation business on time and with high accuracy.

Private jets available for VIPs,VVIPs,Fild Shooting,AD Film shooting,Marriages,Air ambulance,City tours,Tourism industry,pilgrimages,personal flights and business flights.

The jet Aircrafts and the Helicopters available for Lease are checked for technical and non technical flawlessness before every take off.

Training available for becoming Ground Staff,Airhostess and Pilot.Training centres available at Mumbai and Delhi.For students aspiring for US and UK Based training, should have a Valid Passport.

Job assistance and help for passing the interview of Ground Staff Jobs,Airhostess Jobs and Pilot Jobs is always provided.

Aircraft Purchase or Sales comes with a long list of permissions and documentation from various National and International Goverment authorities.We help you get things done on time.

Varahii Consultancy & Management Services Private Limited ensures that your sale or purchase of aircraft takes place in a most smooth way with utmost business professionalism.

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